Proceeds from our special Friday Fish and Chips meals are donated to these wonderful organizations




The Shack Dinners
Dinners served with fries or onion rings, homemade cole slaw & tartar sauce

The Shack Fish & Chips   Regular: $13.99   Little Fish: $9.99

Whole Belly Clam Platter   Full Order: $22.99   Half: $15.99

Fried Clam Strip Platter   Full Order: $14.99   Half: $9.99

Sea Scallop Platter   Full Order: $19.99   Half: $14.99

Bay Scallop Platter   Full Order: $15.99   Half: $10.99

Fried Shrimp Platter   Full Order: $17.99   Half: $11.99

The "Seafood Landfill"   $ 26.99
The "Buckley Family" Favorite...
Complete with fresh whole belly clams, strips, sea scallops, fish, large shrimp & cakes or
whatever we have - it's a whole bunch of seafood.

***Add a cup of chowder for $2.50 with any meal***
(red or white - it's up to you)


Clam Cakes & Chowder

New England Clam Chowder
$4.99 Cup    $5.99 Bowl    $6.99 Pint    $11.29 Quart

Our "Own" not from a bag - White Chowder (seasoned, thick and creamy

Manhattan Clam Chowder
$4.99 Cup    $5.99 Bowl    $6.99 Pint    $11.29

Our "Own" not from a bag - Red Chowder (with a tasty twist - try it)

Cup of Chowder & Three Clam Cakes
$8.29 Cup    $8.99 Bowl  (red or white)

The Shack Clam Cakes
Three  $3.99 ... Six  $6.99 ... Twelve  $10.99


For The "Whole School"

Homemade "Red" or "White" Clam Chowder
By the Pint  $6.99     By the Quart  $11.29

A "Bag" of Clam Cakes: (24) $19.99

Clam Shack Combo - "A Quart & A Bag": $29.99
**2 Quarts & Bag Combo:  $39.99
We'll supply the spoons and crackers - you supply the appetite!

(Our chowders are made from "scratch" daily - not from a bag or a can!!!)


Decisions ~ Decisions
We call it the "Split Decision" - you can think of it as two hugh half-orders of whatever you'd like:

"Pick Two Below"
Bay or Sea Scallops, Whole Bellies, Shrimp, Strips, Fresh Fish ~ served with fries or rings, homemade cole slaw & tartar sauce

Split Decision Platter   $21.99


Savory Sandwiches
Sandwiches served on toasted roll with fries or rings and tartar sauce
Rolls & Buns are lightly grilled - sandwiches are made to order, it may take a few minutes

Whole Belly Clam Roll   $16.99
A huge clam roll with even more taste ~ perfect!

Clam Strip Roll   $11.99
Mouth watering clam strips just the way you like em'

Fried Shrimp Roll   $13.99
Served regular or buffalo style - your choice

Fried Bay Scallop Roll   $11.99
Delicious, breaded just right - ohhh, so good!!

The "Big" Fish Sandwich   $9.99
Tartar sauce and melted cheese, if you'd like ~ delicious!

Our "Savory Lobster" Roll   $16.99 (Big)
The lobster is just right, the roll is grilled - and yes, it's good you'll want a nap after this meal!!!

Fried Sea Scallop Roll   $15.99
They're fresh & delicious with a bit of tartar on the side - give them a try!

Mouthwatering Meatball Sandwich   $7.99
Served on bulkie roll - smooth, thick and really delicious!



For The "Little Necks"
Kids meals served with fries & juice box
Don't forget the ketchup, mustard, salt & pepper - because they won't

"Little" Fish & Chips Platter   $9.99

"Real Chicken" Nugget Platter   $6.49

Cup of Chowder and One Clam Cake   $6.99
does not come with fries - but can be added for $1.00



The Shack Extras

Deep Fried Pickles Chips   $6.99
with ranch or bleu cheese dip ~ delicious!

Shack Onion Rings   $3.69
(They're sooooo good - battered just right!!)

Clam Shack "Seafood Stuffy"   $3.29

Our Homemade Cole Slaw Cup   $1.99

Perfect Pizza Bites   $5.99
Three Cheese or Pepperoni - your choice

"MMM" Mozzarella Sticks   $5.99
Yep, they're real tasty - try em'

Amazing Macaroni & Cheese Bites   $5.99

Corn Dog "Shack Style"   $5.99
(Comes with fries & ketchup if you like to "dip")


Make sure you look on our board for daily specials!!!

**Our food is cooked to order - please be patient, great seafood
takes time and we don't want to disappoint our customers

The Clam Shack Attleboro, "great seafood without the cape traffic"
Thank you for your patronage
The Buckley Family - Bert, Stacie, Jack, Sophia, James, William & Amelia

** Prices Subject to Change Without Notice **






**1282 Park Street, Attleboro, MA (Rt. 118)**
(Next to Briggs Corner Fire Station - 1/2 mile from LaSalette Shrine)



We value your feedback - we would love to hear your comments and suggestions

State Warning: Consuming raw or undercooked seafood can increase your risk of food borne illness.
Before placing your order, please notify us if you or anyone in your party has a food allergy.